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Belie by eve is a series of five unique nesting boxes meant to prompt users to be mindful about how they are using everyday objects. This project was designed and produced by Aksa A, Hanchu C, and I through Emily Carr University with western hemlock supplied by Ellingsen Woods.

The first box looks like a regular box and has an element of surprise when considering if there will be something inside when you open it. From that initial opening, you find other “boxes” nested within, each box with a different, sometimes unusual shape and design, challenging the user to think outside of the lines and reflect on how these tools will fit into their everyday lives. The meaning of Belie is the failure to give a true notion, to disguise or contradict. The goal of our ritual is to bring mindfulness into our everyday mundane actions. These tools, are meant to bring an element of surprise, something that you don’t expect. Through every different interaction with them, a user reflects on where each layer fits into their lives or the lives of those around them, we interrupt the mundane and create a moment of pause… mindfulness.

Materials: Western Hemlock, Odie's Oil

Process Work
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