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notice. was my fourth year industrial design capstone project at Emily Carr University, featured in the 2023 Grad Show. This project was an exploratory research based design questioning users relationship with viewing the world and our relationship with visual, spatial, and physical senses. notice. explores the connections between body and environment, working to create mindfulness in one’s everyday life. Through material exploration, photography, and play, notice. aims to prompt participants to slow down, pay attention to their surroundings, and take time to notice. 



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Deck One

  • Observe something from close up

  • Look from a different angle or point of view

  • Look at the sky

  • Observe something moving

  • Look at a living being

  • Find something with an interesting texture

  • Seek out something small

  • Observe something you would normally pass by

  • Compare something dark vs colourful

  • Find something shiny

  • Observe something that you like to touch

  • Look at something that feels familiar 

  • Seek out something that reflects 

  • Observe something you perceive as beautiful

  • Find something big but only look at a section of it

  • Look at something man-made

  • Look at something in dim lighting

Deck Two

  • Close your eyes and listen, how does it sound?

  • What do you notice?

  • Observe something, describe the colors, shapes, details

  • Pause for a moment. What do you feel?

  • Lie flat on your back, how does the world change?

  • Just breathe

  • Reflect on your experience

  • What is this environment saying?

  • Describe what you see as if talking to someone who never has

  • Be still, notice any movement

  • What do you want to tell the space and its beings?

  • Describe the experience of each of your senses

  • Find something that intrigues you. Spend some time with it.

  • What are other ways of ‘seeing’? 

  • What is there to learn from this experience?

  • How does it feel to pay attention to what you may normally consider mundane?

  • How does this experience change in natural areas vs areas with lots of human touch?

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